What included in a complete informative campaign? 

What action are implemented, to what extent and at what frequency is not something standard that can be applied to all cases. There is no panacea, each instance is different and dependant an a plethora of parameters. Indicatively we mention:

  • The subject
  • The available budget
  • The special circumstances of the area etc

Basic indicative suggested actions are noted as follows:

  • Creation, supply and distribution of printed and electronic informative material.
  • Informing and delivering the relevant information material door to door
  • In person discussion – engagement with each citizen, by suitably trained and experienced staff, for each citizen to become a communicant of the ideas and to resolve any possible queries.
  • Citizen satisfaction survey in relation to specific initiatives and more generally the municipality working, recognised by ESOMAR.
  • Support – Operation on pages on social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • Organisation of information days and conferences.
  • Newsletter with municipality news
  • Citizen support line, where each question will be receive a response and answers will be given to any queries raised by the citizens by appropriately trained staff.
  • Organisation of a variety of activities in the city with a special interest