Depiction on interactive online map of the technical programme of the municipality.

We depict on maps, with the help of special software, the municipality’s technical programme.
Information: It can show works that are:

  • In progress
  • Anticipated to occur in the future
  • Complete

Information provided for each set of works: It is possible to present for every works date such as:

  • The object of the works
  • The works timescales
  • The problem which will be resolved upon completion of the works
  • It’s budget and more

Result: In this way citizens at all times have a comprehensive picture of the municipality works, about when they are going to occur or at what stage works of particular interest to them are at, why said works where chosen and in parallel the citizens can prepare themselves in time to limit any consequences that the implementation of certain works may bring. The map in question updated itself periodically, either by ourselves, or by a municipality member that we have appropriately trained to follow the process.