Smart citizen reward card

For any initiative in the sector of waste to be a success, social acceptance and the active participation of the citizens is a prerequisite. So as to achieve this, we are well positioned to organize with integrity and effectiveness a smart citizen reward card system. Μέσω της κάρτας αυτής συμμετέχοντας σε διάφορες δράσεις οι δημότες θα συλλέγουν πόντους (loyalty) που μετά θα εξαργυρώνουμε με διάφορουWith this card, by participating in various activities, citizens will collect loyalty points which they will be able to redeem in a number of different ways. Indicatively we mention: discounts in local stores, donation to chosen charities (e.g. the “Child’s Smile”, Greenpeace, animal welfare trusts etc.) The result:

  • Increase in citizen participation by offering them motivesα
  • A better result
  • Stimulation of the local economy