Door to Door Waste Collection

This is a service that in many European countries constitutes the norm. For Greece it’s innovative. It includes collection per duelling (with more than one bin, in accordance with international standards)

  • Better collection at source
  • Better quality and quantity of recycling
  • Notable reduction of residue that is lead to landfill
  • Cost savings for municipalities
  • Financial gain for citizens
  • Reduced corresponding council charges  

Brief service description: Waste is collected separately from every store and home that has bins. Within the programme the participants no longer leave waste in big bins but instead each one has individual bins (up to 4 for recyclable materials and multi-coloured) which are provided for free by the municipality. The bins are placed in a special tasteful metallic construction, which locks. All bins have numbers and we know who they long to. For bulky objects collection is also door to door following an appointment arranged over the phone. Για τα «Ογκώδη Αντικείμενα η αποκομιδή γίνεται πάλι πόρτα -πόρτα κατόπιν τηλεφωνικού ραντεβού. If the municipality chooses so, in areas of special interest the use of bins can be made completely abolished, provided the geomorphology of the area permits it.