According to the current European and national legislation (National Waste Management Plans, National Solid Waste Management Plan, etc) the central objective is to minimize the volume of the solid waste as well as the controlled and environmentally friendly disposal. We apply the best International techniques and European standards. Our job is to make waste management “simple” for every city.

  • Respecting the esthetic principles
  • Protecting public health along every step of the way
  • In an effective and cost-efficient manner
  • Deploying in depth every financial possibilityχρηματοδότησης

Αντικείμενο της εταιρείας

The company’s purpose is the procurement and management of the Green Points as well as the brown bin collection (organic waste) and recyclable, via a door to door technique. Citipost is the only Greek company that manages your door to door collection, providing an innovative new service for the Greek standards, whilst in many other countries it constitutes the norm. Moreover, the company – with reliability, integrity and effectiveness – provides additional value added services to integrate customer’s need and improve their experience. For this reason we have developed the corresponding departments. In particular, we undertake and support our customers in:

  • Filling of the documentation for the NSRF
  • The process of finding funding
  • Design and implementation of control systems for each action
  • Supply and installation of litter bins (above- ground, semi-underground and underground waste bins)
  • Redesign and optimization of bin layouts
  • Programming an interactive online map of the city’s technical program
  • Displaying the utility network digital map (i.e street lighting)
  • Design and Implementation of public awareness and communication campaigns
  • Customer and public satisfaction measurement
  • Supply and distribution of biodegradable and recycling bags (door to door or more centralized)
  • Maintaining services for green areas