Door-to-Door Waste Collection

Door-to-door collection is a fundamental way of separate waste collection in many European countries. In Greece it is considered an innovative method.


  • more effective sorting at source
  • more effective sorting at source
  • significant reduction in landfill residue
  • saving resources for the municipality
  • financial benefit for citizens
  • reduced municipal taxes  

Service Description:

Separate waste collection is performed in every household and store. Participants of the program are requested not to deposit their garbage (or waste) to the big bins that are available, but to place them in the personal bins that have been granted for free by the Municipalities (up to 4 for different recyclable streams and different colors).

These bins are mounted on a special ornamental metal construction, which has the possibility to get locked. All bins have numbers and we know to whom they belong.

It is suggested that organic waste is being collected 5 times per week, whereas the rest of the recyclable streams (glass, plastics, paper and aluminum) can be collected once per week.

Regarding the ‘bulky waste’, it can be collected via door to door collection, provided prior notice through telephone appointment.