Mobile Green Points

What are Mobile Green Points:

Mobile Green Points are self-propelled or trailed vehicles, which have storage facilities for separate collection streams,
such as bins or containers for each stream that is collected.

MGPs can collect the same waste streams with the Recycling corners.

MGP are suitable for the collection and transportation of municipal waste.

Mobile Green Point Categories:

MGPs are truck vehicles which have a properly configured superstructure trail. The vehicle can be bi-axial or triaxial, and the bodywork’s length is determined based on the needs for storage capacity and the geographical specificities of each user (e.g. Municipality). Types of the Mobile Green Points vary according to the capacity and the need that each one of them meet, as described:

• Educational MGP, which has low storage capacity, with a short wheelbase and is suitable for educational use e.g. for school visits.

• MGP with storage capacity of two (2) tn. The length of the structure of this type of MGP is between 6.5-8.0 m so as to move easily in the urban network.

• MGP of large storage capacity, triaxial, long body work that can be used as a mobile transfer station for recyclables – mobile logistic center. Extra materials can also be stored in these mobile green points’ e.g. bulky waste, clothes etc. to meet the needs of the user (e.g. Municipality).

• MGPon trailler, which consists of a trailer that can be towed by any front truck that has a hook. It is equipment that offers flexibility and the ability to serve greater geographical areas in municipalities. MGP can be parked in public places for a long time.

• Vehicles for separate collection of recyclable waste streams, with appropriate storage facilities, for the collection of the following:

Closed type boxes (6)
Wall-mounted metal cabinet (4)
Metal containers (5)
Collection containers (2)
Edible oil and fat



• Self-propelled which offer flexibility and the ability to cover the entire geographical scope, without the requirement of environmental permitting and location.