Additional Services


Consultancy Services for the management of Municipal Solid Waste) and implementation of the Local plan of Decentralized Waste Management:

Monitoring and evaluating the actions of the Local Municipal Waste Management Plan, identification of any problematic actions that cause delays and finding the optimal techno-economic solutions.

• Identification of Financial Tools and securing funding (Partnership Agreement funds and European Resources):

Consulting services to search and find the appropriate tools and means based on European and State funding. The European funding is managed by qualified consultants following strict rules and legislations.

• Consulting services for the participation of Municipalities in European Programs, identifying Financial tools and securing funding:

Technical and administrative support services are provided to the Municipality during the phase of planning, preparation and integration, monitoring, implementation and completion of European Programs, that are and will be implemented by the Municipality as Beneficiary under the2014-2020 Programming Period. In addition, consulting services are provided for searching and finding tools and means based on European and State funding. The European funding is managed by qualified consultants following strict rules and regulations.

• Surveying and relocation of waste bins:

Scope of the services is to support Municipalities in mapping and optimizing the municipal waste bins. The aim is to provide better services to citizens and at the same time to facilitate waste bin collection.

• Optimization of Municipal Waste Collection Routing:

We redesign the routes of garbage trucks using modern specialized software and taking into account a number of parameters, such as bin fill time, population density, points of special interest, desirable pick-up times etc. Hence, the collection time and the cost for resources (financial and human) are being optimized, the noise nuisance is being limited and the supplied service is being improved.

• Quality control system for bio waste (“brown”) bins

Brown bins is a novel concept for the majority of Greek municipalities. The management of brown bins system and the collection require special considerations due to the nature of the waste (leftovers, drainage, etc.). The continuous quality control of this collection system is a prerequisite. Any failure can be hazardous for the city’s public health.

Citipost has the know-how and the expertise for the design and implementation of a successful quality control system for bio-waste bins.

• Management of Geographic Information Systems (GIS):

Overview of issues and options related to the management of Geographic Information Systems is concerned (network location and mapping, water meters survey) in order to reduce costs, improve quality, re solve the observed problems and provide .reasonable recommendations.

• Smart waste Bins –Warning devices:

A paging system which detects the load of the bins is included so that the immediate collection and transportation of waste can take place.