Green Points

What are the Green Points:

Green Points are facilities organized by Local Authorities (municipalities), which are demarcated and configured with the appropriate infrastructure and equipment, so that citizens can deposit separately collected recyclable municipal waste or used items , in order then to be transferred for recycling or reuse.

They are divided into small G.P. and large G.P. depending on the volume and the categories of recyclables they receive, their operation and their occupied area..

At Green Points, educational programs and awareness-raising actions may take place..

Categories of Green Points:

Small & Large Green Point (G.P.): in terms of the area required, small GPs take up to 1000 m2, whereas if the area is more than 1000 m2 the GP is classified as large GP.

Recycling, Educational & Source segregated Waste Center: a facility organized by social operators where training programs are provided for information on source segregated waste (all other provisions of the Green Points are applied).

Recycling Corner: A public or private area up to 50 m 2, where citizens can deposit separately collected recyclable municipal waste, which then are collected by the relevant Local Authorities.

Mobile Green Point: self-propelled or trailed vehicle, which has separate collection systems, such as bins or containers for each individual waste collected.

The recipients of the MGP’s recycling municipal waste are the same with those accepted by the Recycling Spots.

The MGP are waste collection-transportation equipment for each Local Authority

The above four categories of Green Points complement the other source segregated waste municipal programs.