Brown Bin Collection

Brown Bin collection set-up is considered a novel system by the majority of Greek Municipalities. It requires special collection equipment, high attention, and efficiency.

Due to the nature of the bio-waste (leaks, drainage, odors, etc.), collection should be carried out at regular intervals with special care and consistency. Additional human resources are required and this is usually an important issue for Municipalities.

Citipost is the first company that operates in the area of bio waste collection through brown bin collection services at specific points of interest and public markets.

In particular, we contribute to:

• Development of a real-time price observation database, aiming to inform citizens in a direct and effective way through appropriate software.

• Network development / mapping of brown bin 240 and 1,100 lt

• Network development / Proper allocation of brown bin 240 and 1,100 lt

• Brown bin collection